CPAP is the gold standard of treatment of sleep disordered breathing. Patients who have an initial polysomnogram (diagnostic PSG) at the Sleep Disorders Clinic who are found to have significant or severe apnea, will be offered a CPAP study to assess the efficacy of treatment with CPAP.

Biannual CPAP studies to check CPAP pressures are not recommended by the Sleep Disorders Clinic physicians, nor are they endorsed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the medical body responsible for maintaining standards in sleep laboratories, unless the follow up study is medically warranted. A repeat study after two years should not be routinely booked for any patient after an intial titration of CPAP. If your patient complains of an increase in symptoms of apnea, has a significant increase or decrease in weight of more than 10%, or experiences symptoms of another sleep disorder, a repeat CPAP study or diagnostic study should be requested. A re-referral is required for a follow up study. Educating your patients on how to recognize the need for a follow up study helps to curtail unnecessary testing and overuse of sleep resources.

Symptoms should be included on the referral form and the date of the last sleep study noted. If the sleep study was done at another sleep laboratory, please include the results with the referral form. If we do not receive the results of the past tests we will not make a booking for your patient.

OHIP limits the number of studies done. Only one diagnostic study is allowed per patient with repeat studies only if medically necessary and for a new sleep disorder or second opinion. CPAP studies are limited to one in 24 months but repeat studies are only approved with prior medical assessment. We do not repeat CPAP studies on patients who are on CPAP from another lab. These patients MUST go back to the laboratory that initiated treatment. If your patient has had two studies at another facility within the past two years, we will be unable to repeat the testing, and unless there are exceptional circumstances we will not accept the referral.