The Sleep Disorders Clinic accepts referrals from all medical practitioners. To refer a patient with a suspected sleep disorder, download the appropriate referral form and fax or email the completed form to us. our online form is also available on our home page or by clicking here

All referrals are triaged according to severity of symptoms and co-morbidities. The more information we receive on your patient, the more effectively our triage procedure works.

For patients with cardiac or pulmonary co-morbidities or suspected severe apnea, and for those who are at risk of driving or workplace related accidents, or pre-surgery, an appointment is made for an overnight study as soon as possible, usually within one week, or sooner. For patients who are suspected of mild sleep disordered breathing,or other sleep disorders (insomnia, parasomnias etc) the waiting times are longer.

Patients are seen in consultation with a physician, after the first sleep study. In patients with very severe apnea where the patient is deemed to be at risk if not treated quickly, a CPAP study may be performed prior to physician consultation. Usually, and whenever possible, an urgent appointment is made for the patient to see a sleep physician in one of our clinics before PAP therapy is implemented.

We will notify your office of the appointment date and time. Patients should also be notified of our cancellation policy. We use an automated system to confirm appointments with all patients, by phone and by email if we have one on file. If your patient does not confirm the appointment, the consultation or the overnight sleep study will be cancelled. Our waiting lists are long and we try to keep our beds and physician clinics full.

If your patient has mobility or other issues that require additional help during the overnight study (use of a scooter, help turning in bed, going to the washroom, is under 16 etc.) then they will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult or competent helper. Our technicians cannot lift and turn heavy patients nor do they administer medications or perform other "nursing" or "care giving" tasks. We can provide a bedroom for the person accompanying the patient if this is arranged in advance. Please make sure to note these issues on the referral and have the patient confirm them with our staff PRIOR to the sleep study.