If your doctor has suggested that you may have a sleep disorder, you are feeling very tired during the day or not sleeping well at night, read through our FOR PATIENTS section which will tell you how our referral process works, what to expect from the sleep clinic appointments, and other information that may be useful to you.

This section outlines the diagnostic process: from the booking procedure to what to bring to your sleep study appointment. You will find further information that will help you in the TREATMENT and RESOURCES areas.


What OHIP sleep study rules mean for patients:

Only one diagnostic study (first time study) is allowed per patient per lifetime.

If you develop another sleep disorder unrelated to sleep apnea/ sleep disordered breathing, you may qualify for a further diagnostic study after 12 months. You will be assessed in our office prior to the repeat sleep study.

Only one therapeutic (treatment) study is allowed in a 24 month period.

Treatment studies for the sole purpose of retitrating CPAP will no longer be paid by OHIP unless they are clinically necessary. You will be assessed in our office to see if you need a repeat treatment sleep study.

Patients do not need to have a retitration of CPAP in order to get a new machine from ADP. If you are a patient of ours we will sign the forms for you.

If you want to have a retitration study that is not covered by OHIP (more than one in 2 year period or not medically necessary) then you have the choice of paying for a study yourself (current OHIP rates will apply) or you can have an auto-titration done by your CPAP supplier for which there is an administrative charge from our office of $75.