If your first sleep study is normal, your referring physician and / or family doctor will receive the results of your sleep study within 4 weeks with recommendations that will guide him or her to help you with your sleep.

If your sleep study shows that you have mild or moderate sleep apnea, or a sleep disorder that is not a breathing disorder, you will have an appointment with one of our sleep doctors who will make recommendations for treatment.

If you have severe sleep apnea, you will be called by our office after your sleep study. You will be asked to return for a second sleep study with a CPAP machine. All decisions to bring patients back for CPAP studies are made by the sleep doctor who reviews the sleep study data in the morning after your first study. CPAP (Continuous positive airways pressure) is the "gold standard" of treatment for sleep apnea and is a safe and effective treatment for sleep apnea. It is the treatment of choice for severe apnea particularly when oxygen desaturations during sleep are present (low oxygen). At this time you will be under no pressure to purchase the CPAP machine. THIS IS A TRIAL OF TREATMENT. The physician will assess the effectiveness of CPAP for you by means of a download from your machine after you have used the machine consistently for a period of time, and assessing how you feel on CPAP compared with how you felt before when you have your follow up appointment.

Many patients who have severe apnea prefer to attempt a trial of treatment before seeing the physician for follow up after the sleep study. This is so that you and the doctor can make an informed decision together about your treatment having tried CPAP for a period of time at home. If, during the trial of treatment you find that CPAP is not effective, other forms of treatment may be recommended by the sleep doctor.

The morning after your CPAP study you will be referred to a home care company of your choice for CPAP set up. A representative of the company you choose will phone you to set up an appointment within one week. If you have not heard from them, call or email our office. The home care technician will help you to find a CPAP mask that is comfortable for you and a machine that meeets your needs. At this time you are not under any obligation to purchase a CPAP machine. Please review the list of recommended CPAP companies in your area before you attend your CPAP study. Information on funding of CPAP by the Ministry of Health and Long Term care can be obtained here. ADP FUNDING: MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND LONG TERM CARE You will see the doctor within 6-8 weeks for a follow up after your CPAP study to assess your response to CPAP. Before you attend the appointment with the doctor, we would like you to visit the home care company to obtain compliance data. This data is printed off your CPAP machine and allows the doctor to see how you are using your machine.

If you have any other identifiable sleep disorder other than apnea you will be called within 4-6 weeks for a consultation with a doctor.