Home studies may be done in certain circumstances. These are done with an APNEA LINK HOME TESTING UNIT .

Please phone our office if you are interested in having home testing. There is a charge for this testing if requested by you.

It is important that these reports are read by a qualified sleep doctor which is included in the cost of the test.

REASONS FOR HOME TESTING: A home study may be requested by a patient when two sleep studies have already been done in a year (the maximum allowed by OHIP), or when the patient has mobility problems or other medical conditions which may necessitate the study being done in the patient's home.

Home testing may also be done in patients where moderate to severe apnea is suspected to assess the need for rapid diagnosis and treatment. There is no fee for a home study if ordered by the Clinic. Patients who are identified as being at high risk of having sleep apnea, especially in the St Catharines area where waiting times are long, will be asked by our reception staff if they want to have a home test to reduce the waiting time for the treatment sleep study. This does not replace the laboratory test but helps us to make a decision about how quickly to book you in for an overnight study.

The test is done simply by picking up a small diagnostic machine from one of the Home Care Company suppliers in the area. The unit is attached at home by the patient in a few easy steps and is returned to the Home Care Company the following day. It allows us to get the patient treated in a much shorter amount of time than waiting to have two sleep studies in our laboratory. If we do not identify sleep apnea on the home study when it is interpreted by one of our physicians, the patient will come in to the laboratory for a diagnostic study to assess their sleep. If moderate to severe apnea is identified, the patient will be booked for a treatment study with CPAP.

You may request to have a home study done instead of in the laboratory (self referral). There is a fee for this service. To date, home studies are not covered by OHIP.