Home studies may be done in certain circumstances. These are done with an APNEA LINK HOME TESTING UNIT .

Please phone our office if you are interested in having home testing. There is a charge of $250 for this testing if requested by you.

It is important that these reports are read by a qualified sleep doctor which is included in the cost of the test.

REASONS FOR HOME TESTING: A home study may be requested by a patient when two sleep studies have already been done in a year (the maximum allowed by OHIP), or when the patient has mobility problems or other medical conditions which may necessitate the study being done in the patient's home. You may also be referred by an occupational health department or you may request to have one done if you suspect you may have OSA but are not willing to attend an in-lab study.

It is important to note that if you elect to have a home sleep apnea test (HSAT) you will not quality for ADP funding of a CPAP unit if you require treatment. Currently ADP picks up 75% of the basic cost of a CPAP unit (in 2018 this amount is $645). You may enquire if your private health insurance coverage would cover any part of the cost of testing and or the CPAP device if treatment is recommended.

Home testing may also be done in patients where moderate to severe apnea is suspected to assess the need for rapid diagnosis and treatment. Currently no HSAT testing is covered by OHIP.

A HSAT is done in the comfort of your own home, sleeping in your own bed. The small testing unit would be picked up from the clinic or a HCC during the day and returned the following morning at which time the data would be analysed and the report interpreted by a qualified sleep physician.

The unit is attached at home by the patient in a few easy steps and one sleeps normally during the night. Being tested at home with this kind of device allows screening ONLY for sleep apnea. As the device does not "read your brain waves", monitor movement during sleep, video you, or do an EKG, we are not able to diagnose any other disorders of sleep.

You may request to have a home study done instead of in the laboratory (self referral). There is a fee for this service of $250. To date, home studies are not covered by OHIP.