If your surgeon or anesthetist suspects that you have sleep apnea, you may be sent to the Sleep Disorders Clinic for a sleep study prior to having surgery. This is because apnea can be harmful for you especially after surgery. Usually the pre-op department will request that the sleep study is done urgently so that your surgery can go ahead, and you will be attending the our sleep laboratory as soon as we have an opening.

An overnight sleep study will be done to assess the severity of your sleep apnea. If moderate to severe sleep apnea is observed during your sleep study, you will asked to come back to the sleep laboratory for a second overnight study. During this second study, you will be fitted with a CPAP machine which will control your apnea while you sleep.

In order for your surgery to go ahead, you will be set up with a CPAP machine for you to take into the hospital with you to use when you come out of surgery. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO USE CPAP POST-SURGERY, YOUR DOCTOR MAY CANCEL OR POSTPONE THE DATE OF THE OPERATION.

To get a CPAP machine you will need to choose a home care company in your area which will make sure you get a machine with a good mask and the correct pressure. You may choose to buy the machine or to borrow a used one for use while you are in the hospital. YOU WILL NEED TO USE THE CPAP MACHINE FOR AT LEAST THREE DAYS BEFORE YOUR SURGERY.

If you are diagnosed with moderate or severe apnea, it is very likely that you will need to continue to use CPAP once you have been discharged from hospital.

For all information related to your overnight studies and the forms you will need to bring with you to the appointment print the PRE-OP PACKAGE.