CPAP Information

This section deals with what you need to know about CPAP suppliers recommended by The Sleep Disorders Clinic, the funding available from the Assistive Devices Program, and Ministry of Transportation reporting.


We recommend CPAP suppliers based on the following criteria:

The standard of their service. When your doctor recommends that you go to a surgeon or refers you to a specialist, you rely on the doctor's judgment, experience and evaluation of where the doctor is sending you. This is similar to referring you to a CPAP vendor. The Sleep Disorders Clinic staff and medical personnel regularly monitor the standard of service of the CPAP vendors and makes decisions about where to refer our patients. We would not expect you to pick your surgeon by going on Google!


How long the CPAP company has been in business. As our reputation is on the line, we use CPAP providers that have proven track records in business, preferably companies that have more than one location and who have been in business for more than a year.

What equipment they provide and at what cost. We recommend only CPAP companies that offer a good range of equipment, at a reasonable cost. We recommend companies that have a store front and a comfortable environment for patients to take a look at CPAP options.

The relationship between the CPAP provider (vendor) and the Sleep Disorders Clinic. We only recommend a company to our patients with whom we have a good business relationship. For a CPAP vendor to provide good service to our patients it is important that there is a colleagial working relationship with the owners/ managers of the company. This allows for timely sharing of medical information and results in better care of our patients.

The CPAP vendors on our preferred vendor list fulfill all of these criteria. If you choose to go to a vendor that is not on our list, then we may not be in the same position to act on your behalf if the vendor goes out of business or provides poor service. We believe that we provide adequate choice of home care company with the providers that are on our preferred vendor list for all our locations: Hamilton, St Catharines and Cambridge. However, please be aware that as a patient in Ontario you have the right to go to any CPAP vendor of your choice as long as they are registered with the ADP.

Sleep Disorders Clinic doctors and staff have no ownership or financial interest in any CPAP vendor.