Many patients believe that as soon as they come to a sleep laboratory for a sleep test and are diagnosed with apnea, their license is in jeopardy. This is NOT the case.

In Ontario the law recommends that physicians report patients who, in the opinion of the physician, may be unfit to drive for medical reasons. The mandatory reporting requirement for physicians is found in Section 203 of the Highway Traffic Act. The requirement states:

"Every legally qualified medical practitioner shall report to the Registrar the name, address and clinical condition of every person sixteen years of age or over attending upon a medical practitioner for medical services, who, in the opinion of such medical practitioner is suffering from a condition that may make it dangerous for such person to operate a motor vehicle. If an individual is reported to have a clinical condition that is well controlled and the individual is under physician care, the ministry generally does not recommend suspension of the licence. Where stability may be questionable, the ministry may request follow-up medical information to confirm stability or request the individual undergo a driving examination or other appropriate assessments."

If you are adequately treated for sleep apnea and your symptoms have resolved, AND you stay on therapy (therapy is likely to be monitored) you are unlikely to have your license suspended or restricted in any way. If you have severe sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness and you refuse treatment, your license may be suspended at the discretion of the MTO.

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